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Duplicate SID's being shown

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  • Duplicate SID's being shown

    Ive created a couple of home directories using rmtshare and at share level permissions i am getting 3 entries for the same person being shown - all have the same permissions - yet within windows explorer it shows only the one person, is this a known problem

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    Re: Duplicate SID's being shown

    This seems like a bug to me in whatever utility (rmtshare perhaps) that was used to assign the permissions, as it appears to have created duplicate entries. I can't remember the name of a resource kit utility that will list the ACLs of an object, but I'm sure one exists. CACLS/XCACLS seem to only work on files and directories. Hyena does not merge access control entries (ACEs) into one, as this is not something that an application is supposed to do, as duplicate ACEs are not supposed to be there in the first place.

    If you just have a few of these shares, I would remove the extra entries. If you have a lot of them, I would find a raw ACE/ACL viewer and verify that they are there. I don't think they will cause any problems, but it could cause a GUI to get confused and make one think that removing one removes them all and that would not be the case.

    If you discover anything, let us know more.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.