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account keeps locking out

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  • account keeps locking out

    user account is locking out every monday when he comes back to work. no mapped drives or background services running that are conflicting. property settings are configured the same as everybody (triple checked) can't get his account to stop locking on mondays

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    Re: account keeps locking out

    I assume that this user account is not used as a startup account on any services.

    Hyena never uses a user account to "logon" with, so when this happens, is the "account locked out" checkbox turned on (checked) when you look at the user's properties. If so, the best way to fix this is to turn on auditing for unsuccessful logon attempts, so that this can be logged to the event log. Then, the next time it happens, just scan the event log to see when the bad logon attempts were tried. Worse case, is that someone is trying to hack into the account.

    Before you reset the account next time, if you have an AD domain, right click on the user account, select Listing View->All and see what the bad*** attributes are set to. I'm curious what the badpasswordcount and badpassword time are.

    Let me know what you find.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: account keeps locking out

      We had a domain ctrl that's replication was bogarded. It kept reseting the account lockout policy. So that might be the case. If so check your DC replication.

      Also look into the group policy account policys.

      Note, this is for a 2K domain or better. You didn't specify.


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        Re: account keeps locking out

        If client is a Windows XP machine, go to Control Panel --> User Accounts and look for either a link or a button (on Advanced Tab) to manage passwords. If you see any passwords for local network resources (not .Net or Messenger accounts), remove them. Unlock the account and the problem should go away. Inform your users to NEVER check the box to save password for network resources...