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Copying User's OU location

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  • Copying User's OU location

    I've used Hyena for years and one thing I've noticed is when I copy a user to create a new user, it places the new user in the Default Users OU at the root of our domain. I then have to manually move that person to the appropriate OU. Can the OU location be copied when copying a new user so I don't have to move them after creating them? Thanks!

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    Re: Copying User's OU location

    How are you doing the copy? When you right-click on a user and choose Copy, the next dialog allows you to specify the location you want the new object created in. By default it will put in the path from the user you are copying.


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      Re: Copying User's OU location

      I have always created the users from the "Windows Domain" rather than "Windows 2000 Domain" view. I had never seen the screen you were referring to. I just need to start creating users from the Windows 2000 Domain and I should be OK, right?


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        Re: Copying User's OU location

        Yes, you should use the Windows 2000 Domain for managing your AD users.