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"\\servername\docs\%username%\files" not possible?

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  • kstanush
    Re: "\\servername\docs\%username%\files" not possible?

    This type of home directory mask is not supported. Hyena can only create the last directory in a path, so the problem is that the %username% (username) directory does not exist in order to create the \files directory.

    The only workaround would be to create a batch file to create both the %username% directory as well as the \files directory yourself and have Hyena run it after creating the user. See the next post on the board for information on that or let us know if you have questions.

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  • Leine
    started a topic "\\servername\docs\%username%\files" not possible?

    "\\servername\docs\%username%\files" not possible?

    In my default template, I made \\servername\docs\%username%\files my New Home Directory Mask. But I get an error (3), when I create a new user. If I remove \files, there is no error.
    Why is this so?

    Peter L