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Can not create hidden shares

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  • Can not create hidden shares

    Am considering purchasing Hyena software and have downloaded the demo to give it a try. Am running into the following issue.

    I am trying to create a hidden share for users on one of our servers. The hidden share folder should be named the same as the user name, while the actual share name should be hidden:

    ie. user=danobobo
    homefolder name should be danobobo
    share name should be danobobo$

    have tried the following:

    New home directory mask:
    \\servername\%username%$ Drive H:

    Share directory local mask:
    (note: the users$ hidden share is already created on server)

    Share directory remote mask:

    receive message of unable to complete home directory configuration. unable to create home directory share danobobo$ on \\server. The device or directory does not exist.

    If I change the new home directory mask to:
    \\servername\user$\%username%$ Drive H:
    the folder gets created with the username$ (would like this to be just the user name) and the share does not get created.

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    Re: Can not create hidden shares

    Your first example would be correct, but I think the problem is with your Share Directory Local Mask:


    Users$ is the name of the share, but is that also the directory name? That path should be as if you are looking in Explorer on that computer. I would assume this should be:


    Without the $. Also, the H: part of that must be the physical drive on the server. So, if they are to be created in the users directory on the D: drive, your mask would look like:


    If that is the case change the H$ in the other mask to D$ as well.


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      Re: Can not create hidden shares

      thanks that appears to have corrected the problem