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laptop logon win password no solutions help!

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  • laptop logon win password no solutions help!

    Recentley my laptop was being used by a friend now x!. has pulled a very exspenive prank and decided to change my password on my laptop now i cant go beyond the dialog logon box. Safe mode has logon box too.
    My manufacture has no boot for my smartbook which is in spanish lanuage and the manufacture is in spain. But about 7 months ago they went out of business so no restore disk. I need winxp bootup or restore disk but where can i get one for a spanish laptop? Unfortunally I can't afford anything like that I heard it was 200$ for winxp in usa where i live now. Is there a download for laptops to recover a password or bypass win logon? I have my english version desktop pc can I download something to floppy in spanish lanuage only for downloading to transfer to laptop? Why does microsoft control our computers this way? If they want this much sercurity they should place a default password that every winxp and furture window versions sold should have a default logon password that where every password is diffrent in each box. so no one who bought a win version would have same default logon password.
    I cant throw away a 1,3799.00 laptop!!!
    It took all my savings to get this i neeed for collage (laptop)
    I can't afford new drive, and it wouldn't help no operating system restore disk or winxp restore disk anyone please is there a solution ty mizzie40

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    Re: laptop logon win password no solutions help!

    You're in the wrong place for this one because this discussion board is for support on our products.

    I would think you should look at some of the password cracking utilities out there to see if you can reset the password somehow.


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      Re: laptop logon win password no solutions help!

      No admin should be without one.

      But Chuck's right...wrong forum for your problem.

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