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  • TSE profil modification

    I have set up a TSE profil for all my users,
    and now i'm going to change the server, so the path of each TSE profil will change to the new one.
    Is there a method in Hyena to modify all users without editing each of them.
    current TSE profil = \\server1\profil\userx
    new TSE profil should be = \\server2\profil\userx
    I want to change only the server part of the path.
    I'm in NT domain.

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    Re: TSE profil modification

    You can do this by selecting the users you want to modify in Hyena's right window, then right-click and choose User Properties.

    Go to the Terminal tab and change the Profile Path to:


    When you click OK, Hyena will apply this change to the selected users.

    I'd recommend selecting 2 or 3 test users to make sure it does what you want.