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    Very simple question. As my company is in mixed mode and moving users over into there OU's now. I sometimes have to do a find for a user account. In that box I right click and get some neat things, BUT I am after the move feature from that box. I haven't figured out how to move them to a different OU without looking at the object tab and going back into that large OU called "users". Where all default users are when you migrate. Could this simple feature be added? Thanks

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    Re: Move user

    By 'Find' do you mean you are right-clicking on Containers/OUs and choosing Find?


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      Re: Move user

      Yes, that is exactly what I am doing.


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        Re: Move user

        You wouldn't be able to get to this using the Find, but here are two options that will work:

        1. Double-click on All Users to display them in the right window. Click the Filter toolbar icon, then type in the username you are looking for. Right-click and choose Move. If you now want to do another user, click the Filter toolbar icon again to turn off the previous filter. At this point Hyena will put the users back from memory, rather than retrieving them again, so you won't have to wait.

        2. Right-click on All Users and choose View. Find or type in the user you are looking for and click OK. Hyena adds that user to the screen so that you can right-click on it and choose the Move.

        Either of these should accomplish what you are needing.


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          Re: Move user

          Thank you, that works for me. I hate having to do the refresh.