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Deleting roaming profiles/home directories

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  • Deleting roaming profiles/home directories

    I tried the new feature to delete the roaming profile and the homedirectoryv and have experienced some problems.

    1. By trying to delete a w2k-profile from a server I got the errormessage "Cannot remove folder xxxx. The directory is not empty".
    2. By trying to delete the home direcory for the server I got mostly the same errormessage.

    I guess it's a problem of permissions. A w2k-profile has to ACL for administrators by default. And in our environment also for the homedirectories the administrators has no permission (company policy: only the user has access).

    But sometimes, Hyena is able to delete the content of the homedirectory, deletes the share and remove the directory. How does Hyena works without having this permissions?
    Maybe it's possible to create a workaround for my problems?

    thanks and regards,


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    Re: Deleting roaming profiles/home directories

    Hyena doesn't have the ability to override the permissions as this is controlled by Windows and not Hyena.

    The account you are logged in with will need to have enough permissions to delete these files and directories for this function to work.


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      Re: Deleting roaming profiles/home directories

      OK! You're right. But this could be an intereting feature for a future version: an option to take ownership before deletion.


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        Re: Deleting roaming profiles/home directories

        We'll keep this in mind for a future possible improvement. Thanks.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.