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  • Profile / Home Dir. moving problems

    I am in process of moving about 1000 user folders, Win2k profiles and TS Profiles to a NAS device. Changing the Terminal Server paths led me to using Hyena. Hyena seems great but I am having some trouble. Here's what I've done and the problem I'm having. I manually took ownership of the user folders and Profiles and then copied them to the NAS device. I then created a TS template \\NAS\TSProfiles\%username%, W2K template \\NAS\Profiles\%username%, all user paths are connect U: to \\NAS\Users\%username% All permissions were %username% - Full Control, Domain Admins - Full Control, System - Full Control. I then selected the users in Hyena and changed user settings so that they are the same as the template, so that the correct permissions would be applied to the moved folders I checked the permissions on the folders and they were correct except ownership (still Administrators). I checked AD Users and computers and all of the paths were correct. When I logged on as a user... their home directories were mapped to u username) (Excellent). However instead of using their existing copied profile, new profiles were created and the old profile was deleted. Can anyone help me with what is wrong here. I put in a call to tech support and will be going back on-site in the morning to resolve the issue.

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    Re: Profile / Home Dir. moving problems

    I am not quite sure if I know what is happening, as I don't understand what process or event would delete the information that you copied over. Hyena can (and will by default) create a missing profile directory and set the security on it, but Hyena does not do anything to the files in the directory. There isn't any code in Hyena to remove files in the user's profile area. So in your case, when you modified the 1000 user accounts to add a mapped home directory / profile, Hyena would not have created the directory (it would already have existed), but would have just set the paths right for the user record.

    Since you indicated that the files were copied manually prior to this process, are the files and directories there one moment then just totally gone after the user logs on ?
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.