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Create a second home directory for future use

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  • Create a second home directory for future use

    Hi Forum,

    following situation: I got a few hundred users that already have accounts and a home directory on, say, Server A. Their home directories will be shifted to Server B over the next few weeks.
    Question now is: is it possible to create their new home directories in advance, using an already existing and working template? I'm looking for a "create directory and apply these settings" function.
    Any ideas?


    P.S.: Server are both NT4 SP6, Hyena is Version 4.1B

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    Re: Create a second home directory for future use

    You could setup a new home directory template that contains the new location and settings you want applied.

    Display your users in Hyena's right window and select the ones you want to modify. Then right-click and choose User Properties and go to the Profile tab and you should have a home directory path similar to:


    Simply change to the new location:


    When you click OK Hyena should prompt you for the template to use, so select the new one that you created.

    Hyena will create the directorys an shares and set permissions as defined in your template.

    You can then reverse the process putting back in the old location and selecting a template that has the old settings.

    When you are finally ready to cut them over just use this process again to update the user records to point to the new location.

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