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Home Directories - Automating multiple creation etc

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  • Home Directories - Automating multiple creation etc

    In using Hyena for a few years now, there are still a few areas that I have not used and am now starting to use them - In our environment we have multiple server that are used for home directories based on where a particular user is located geographically.

    Two things that I need to do:
    With new users, How do I get Hyena to prompt for which template to use for Home directories as well as a profile location, create those directories accoring to the user name and set specific security on those directories i.e domain admins need full access as does the user, helpdesk need read access etc.

    With existing users, is there any way to create a template or batch files etc to check what the current home directory and profile is, copy them over to the new location (changing server and user name - As we are collapsing our domains), reapply new security etc on the new directories and after completion of the copy, deleting the old directories, shares etc?

    Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Home Directories - Automating multiple creation etc

    For the first question you can create your home directory templates for each situation under Tools->Settings->Home Dir and check the box to Confirm Template Prior to Usage.

    For the second question, these templates can also be applied to copied users, but the other steps would have to be done possibly using the After creating home directory run: where you create a batch file to do the things you want done and Hyena will run that batch file after it creates the new home directory.