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  • Home Template locations

    We are considering expanding the use of Hyena, is there a way to migrate the home drive templates to a new machine, or do you have a better way of implementing it, ie pointing hyena to a network path for templates?

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    Re: Home Template locations

    If you have the latest version of Hyena, you can now save Home Directory Templates to a file along with the other settings.

    To do this you will setup your templates and other settings under Tools->Settings, then on the General tab you will enter in the path where you want the file to be created, such as \\server\share\config.ini, then click the box below that to Save settings.

    Once you do that, you will go to the other computers and enter that same path. Don't check the box again or you will overwrite the file with their settings.


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      Re: Home Template locations

      Thankyou for the prompt reply, can I just ask if the fields for Profile Path and Logon Script on the Template Definition are just used for New users as the New Home Directory mask is?


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        Re: Home Template locations

        That is correct, they will only be used on new users.