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  • Moving users

    Our network is set up like this: All acounts are created and stored on the PDC. All user home directories and profiles are stored on a BDC that is local to the site they're at (this is a state-wide organization with sites all over). The home directory path is of the format \\servername\Home\%username%, with the servername being whatever their local BDC is.

    My question is, is there a way in Hyena that I can easily change a user's settings on their profile tab and have it automatically move that user's home and profile folders?

    For example, let's say that I have a user moving from "Site1" to "Site2" and their home directory is currently \\Site1\Home\UserX. I would like to just change that string to read \\Site2\Home\UserX and have Hyena automatically copy the UserX folder from \\Site1\Home to \\Site2\Home. Is this possible, or do I have to keep copying these files manually?

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    Re: Moving users

    You can create a Home Directory Template with the information for the new location. Modify the user's profile and when you click OK Hyena will create the new directory and/or share on the new server as specified in the template.

    Hyena won't copy the files for you, though. For this, you could use the scopy.exe utility from the NT Resource Kit in a batch file.

    The Home Directory Template has a box at the bottom where you can specify a batch file to run after creating the directory. So, when Hyena creates the new home directory it will run the batch file that you specify, which in turn will run the scopy.exe and copy all files.


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      Re: Moving users

      But if I have over 100 servers that home directories are stored on, this means that I have to create a template for each server?

      For example, if I have servers called Site1 and Site2, and I'm moving a user from Site1 to Site2, my home directory path would look like: \\Site1\Home\bob123. Would I then change it to \\Site2\Home\bob123, and then choose the "Site2" template?

      I've done pretty well coming up with creative ways to use Hyena for my job, but so far Templates are eluding me a bit. I'm thinking that it's because of the way we do home directories. Each remote site has it's own BDC with a \Home and a \Profiles$ share. All the users at that location have their home and profiles on that server. However, all accounts are created on the PDC.

      It seems to me that Hynea would work better if all Home and Profiles folders were on one or two servers, and then you would only need a few templates. Which, of course, is our problem, not yours.


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        Re: Moving users

        What should help for this is a variable that you can use called %homedirserver%. You can put it in the Share Directory Remote Mask on the Home Directory Template.

        Then, whenever you modify one of these users, just change the server home directory portion of the Profile tab to the new one and Hyena will put whatever you type in there in the %homedirserver% variable when applying the template.

        This should keep you from needing 100 templates.