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    I find the user templates very useful, but as they only set the home directory path, we have to do a lot of manual copying/editing to set the profile path and login script as well - is it possible to modify the template (maybe in the registry) so that we can set the profile path ? Or will we have to wait for the next version ?
    Our home directory path is usually something like:
    and the profile path
    where the "6" varies from 0 to 9
    and we have various servers

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    Re: User Templates

    Our next version of Hyena will address this issue to help with some of this.

    In the meantime we recommend creating a user account that is setup the way you want new users to be setup, then copy that user whenever you want to create a new account.

    Hyena will copy the settings from that copied account and cutdown on the amount of typing that you have to do for new accounts.