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Logged on Locally Users problem

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  • Logged on Locally Users problem

    on a windows 2003 std 32bit server, we can see via hyena (8.5) there are a bunch of 'users logged on locally' but RDP console, computer mmgt > sessions or share files, task manager > users or terminal svs mgnt doesn't show any logged on users, console, locally or otherwise (via hyena)...the installed application doesn't show any active connections so we're assuming it's some older rdp or console connections that didn't disconenct cleanly?

    any idea's short of rebooting the server on how to clear any or all of the 'users logged on locally out of hyena?

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    Re: Logged on Locally Users problem

    That function enumerates the HKEY_Users key of the registry. It is possible that Windows didn’t clear out those logons the last time those users logged on. It can also show service startup accounts.