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    I have a dumb question regarding views of objects returned from a custom query. Basically I ran a query looking for all users that have not logged-in in over 60 days with the attributes of Pre-W2k name, display name, LLTS, LL, Description. The question is I would like to know what each icon color means:

    • The red X means the user is disabled
    • The yellow lock means the account is locked

    What does the green key and yellow key mean?

    What does the user id that has no icon mean?

    I have searched the help files but I haven’t come up with anything.

    Also when looking at computer objects, some are grey out while others have a solid color, both computer objects are turned on, ping able, but different physical locations on the network

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    Re: Object view

    The best place to see the icons and what they mean is under Tools->Settings->Active Directory, User Icons.

    The computer icons are determined by whether or not the computer is found on the Windows Browse List. Gray indicates it wasn't found and the assumption is it is offline. In some environments where there isn't a complete or accurate browse list, this may not necessarily be the case.


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      Re: Object view

      This is what I was looking for on the user attributes. The computer attributes are still a mystery. I am researching the browse list view. For example I can see all the computers but many are grayed out. If I remember correctly, several versions back of Hyena indicated that when a computer object was grayed out it was off line. I am just trying to distinguish what the difference is now as the grayed out objects are on and on the network.


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        Re: Object view

        You are correct; the display of computer objects in Hyena is based on the browse from windows networking. Depending on the version of Windows you are using, and if there are any servers within that segment, and the version of server OS, set the stage for what is displayed in the browser. This is why when I run Hyena in XP and then in Win7 at different times, they display different results. From the folks I have had this conversation with, I think I have determined this information can be misleading and probably not very useful.

        I am open to any ideas or suggestions as to using this info in a more meaningful way.

        Thanks a Bunch!


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          Re: Object view

          Unfortunately there's not a way for Hyena to know when displaying the list of computers, which are online and which aren't. The browse list option works in many environments, but as you've seen, not in all. You can disable this feature under Tools->Settings->View.

          Then you can enable the Ping function in Hyena to get an idea when clicking on a computer whether or not it is online.