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Accounts with no passwords

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  • Accounts with no passwords

    Is it possible to determine which accounts have no passwords? The password policy allows users to set their password to be blank and I have been asked to provide a list of these before we change the policy.

    As well, I know I can determine the last password set date, but can I determine when passwords are set to actually expire? So if the password policy has it to change every 60 days, can I report that 30 accounts expire in 4 days and 60 expire in 30 days, etc.

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    Re: Accounts with no passwords

    Hyena would have no way of determining that, but you might experiment with our free utility, CopyPwd. It dumps the password hash to a text file. You can set a blank password for a particular user, then run CopyPwd to dump the data. Find that user in the output file, copy the hash and search through the file for any that match that hash.

    On calculating password expiration you would have to calculate that using something like Excel.