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Batch Update of Expiration Date

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  • Batch Update of Expiration Date

    Hello, does anyone know of how I can search for a list of user's by their Logon Name in an Object?

    I saw another post stating that you could filter the objects by the seperator ; but HYENA does not allow you to copy and past into a filter column.

    I have 400+ accounts to update the expiration date on and do not want to go into every single account just to set the same expiration date. Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Batch Update of Expiration Date

    What you should be able to do is create a temporary group, and the Add Member dialog allows you to paste in multiple users at once. It's Windows dialog and includes a Check Names button to verify the names. Once added you can simply view the members for that group in the right-hand window, select them all and make your change. When finished you can delete the group.