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    I'm using Hyena v7.0.0 and trying to send a message to either a User or Computer object. Two of the test attempts that I've completed were to my own user and computer accounts. All of my attempts result in this error:

    Unable to send message to %username%(or computer). Do you wish to continue to see error messages displayed? The message alias could not be found on the network.

    Note: I've tried this with those objects both under the Containers/OU group and from the All Users and Computers groups.

    Any ideas?

    ETA: I think that I've found in the issue in that I don't have Windows Messaging running. If there is another way to do this through Windows/Hyena I'd love to know.

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    Re: User / Computer Messaging

    You have to have the Messenger service running for this to work. Hyena uses a Windows function that works the same as the NET SEND command.