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    Every time I edit a user with Hyena (AD) and choose Groups, Add the "Select Groups" dialog box fills the entire screen and you can't click on the Advanced, Cancel, OK buttons without moving it around and resizing the Window. The next time I go back in there its back to the same size. My screen resolution is 1280x1024 or 1400x1050 depending on what monitor I open Hyena on.
    If I open hyena on the Laptop LCD (1400x1050) it fills the screen and everything is fits properly. This is actually Monitor 2 in Windows. My external LCD Monitor is 1280x1024 and is Monitor 1. Is Hyena determining the dialog dimensions based on the Laptop LCD?
    Does anyone else have this problem or found a work around?

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    Re: Select Groups Dialog

    This particular dialog is Microsoft's, and not controllable by Hyena. While I can't get my dialog size to stay permanent, this behavior might depend on what version of Windows or the AD tools you have installed.

    I suspect the problem is the dual monitor setup and the resolution differences. What you should do is change the size on the computer that works to a smaller size that would fit on on both monitors, ie the 'lowest common size'
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.