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Need to gerate a list of user......

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  • Need to gerate a list of user......

    I am new to Hyena and need help with the following...

    I need to generate a list of users who have logged on to a particular server within the past year, we are using AD and the server in question is NT 4.0....

    Any help would be greatly apprecitated..

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    Re: Need to gerate a list of user......

    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to do this whether you are using NT or AD. Windows does not keep track of who has logged on (authenticated) to any particular computer. The only way to track this would be to either have a logon script that runs and appends this information to a file each time someone logs on, or turn on logon auditing so that it get written to the event log. Of course, then you have to scan the event log and have a year's worth of data in the log which creates more problems.

    Hyena can't give you this information because its just not anywhere to get...
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.