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  • Effective Rights\Groups

    How can i see the overview of Effective Rights\Groups on maps on a share.
    I want to see wath rights a groups have on a map.
    I mean the read/write modify things.

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    Re: Effective Rights\Groups

    If you want to see the ACLs on a share or folder, for instance, right-click on the share and go to View NTFS Security (this is v7.0). You can either list the ACLs of the share/folder alone or it and all its first level items, or all level items beneath it.
    Alternatively, right-click/File Properties/ Properties/Security will give you the ACLs of the folder.


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      Re: Effective Rights\Groups

      i mean all the share's on a server with the sub directory's in 1 overview with all the ntfs rights.


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        Re: Effective Rights\Groups

        You would need a 3-dimensional grid to show all the ACLs of every share. You could construct a spreadsheet by viewing the ACLs of each share as described and copy/paste those rights into the spreadsheet.