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Vista and Remote Registry

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  • Vista and Remote Registry

    I depended heavily on Hyena to manage the XP systems in our network. Now that Vista is moving in, I've noticed that the Remote Registry service needs to be running to allow Hyena access to information on each system. With Vista's default setting set to Manual, I'm wondering what everyone is doing in this area? I could change the service to Automatic and be done with it. I'd like to keep it set to Manual but I'm not sure how to start it on the fly when I want to look at, for example, the programs on a system.

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    Re: Vista and Remote Registry

    Hyena allows you to start and stop services on computers. You can even do this on multiple computers by selecting them in the right window, then right-clicking and choosing More Functions->Service Control.


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      Re: Vista and Remote Registry

      Thanks, yes I'm aware of that, I was hoping, or thinking along the lines of an 'automated' way to do this. Like a custom 'Tool' in the Tools area. I could create a script to start the service, pull the program data and then stop the service, however, I'm not too sure how to pull the program data programmatically.