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  • Managing Multiple Users...

    Problem: When managing aspects of users' computers, there is no easy way to tell if a user's PC is turned on - then if I select the user's PC to gather some data or make a change, there is a rather lengthy period that Hyena locks-up while it tries to establish a connection. Then, after a very long "time-out" it releases the system to perform the action of another computer. If I am modifying several computers, and some are turned off, the delay or repeated time-outs is frustrating.

    Question: Is there an easy visual way to tell if a computer is "off-line" and is there a way to reduce the "time-out" that Hyena takes while trying to make a connection with a computer that is off-line?

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    Re: Managing Multiple Users...

    Hyena has no control over the timeout unfortunately, as this is Windows doing that. What we have added, though, is the Ping function. It gives you a visual indication of success or failure on the status bar, but it also has an option to skip the function if a computer fails the ping. You can find this under Tools->Settings->View.