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Exporter Pro "Unable to open 'Output File' file"

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  • cmccullough
    Guest replied
    Re: Exporter Pro "Unable to open 'Output File' file"

    This might be two different issues. See if you have an export enabled that does not have an output file specified. If so, disable it or enter an output file.

    Only titles in the output file is probably indicating an incorrect setting in the export properties.

    If you aren't able to find the problem, send screen shots showing what you have configured to [email protected].

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  • Dee
    started a topic Exporter Pro "Unable to open 'Output File' file"

    Exporter Pro "Unable to open 'Output File' file"

    I'm trying to export security settings, but when it completes, it give the error message in the Subject.

    After I click OK, it presents a window titled View Exported Files and displays the correct Export Type and file name and path.

    When the Open button is clicked on this window, the file opens, but has only the title of columns that were supposed to have been output.

    Any help appreciated.