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Auditing Local administrators Group

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  • Auditing Local administrators Group

    Need to audit the local administrators group of PC's in our A/D 2003 environment and correct accordingly.

    The PC's are in their respective O/U based on location.

    Any assistance would be most appreciated.



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    Re: Auditing Local administrators Group

    I assume you mean you need the members of the administrators group on your computers?

    If so, here are instructions to get a list of the members of the local Administrators group:

    Select your computers in Hyena's right window, then go to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects.
    Click the Settings button, then double-click on Windows NT/Local Groups.
    Check the box to Export Group Members, then enter in an output file such as c:\groups.txt.
    Check the box to Only export information for groups listed in this file:
    Enter in a file name such as c:\grpmembers.txt and click Edit.
    Notepad should open and tell you the file doesn't exist, then ask you if you want to create it. Click Yes.
    In the file enter in Administrators, then save the file and close Notepad.
    Click OK, then click Close, then click Start Export.

    When it is finished exporting you can open c:\groups.txt with Excel and you will see the members of the Administrators group for the selected computers.


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      Re: Auditing Local administrators Group

      Hello, Is there anyway to include the indirect members of the groups as well? Such as when you right click an AD group and select "View Group Members" > "view direct and Indirect Members"


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        Re: Auditing Local administrators Group

        No, that only works for AD groups.