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Error Adding Users 2003 Domain

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  • Error Adding Users 2003 Domain

    All of a sudden today when creating new Users for 2003 Domain and applying a User Directory Policy we are getting the following error:

    Unable to lookup account on server 2003HOMEDC1 for account 2003Citrix_Full_Internet. No mapping between account names and security ID's was done.

    You can OK past it and the user will actually be created but the User Directory will not be created and neither is the share.

    Nothing has changed on the network except for a breif power outage this morning. New user creation was working fine on Friday.

    Jesse Boehm

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    Re: Error Adding Users 2003 Domain

    Go to Tools->Settings->Home Dir and edit the template you're using. This error is indicating that one of the entries under either of the Security Settings boxes is not being found.


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      Re: Error Adding Users 2003 Domain

      Actually what i found here is either i was using to many characters or the use of Multiple _ charaters was causing the issue