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Modify multiple NT accounts

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  • Modify multiple NT accounts

    Hi. Is it possible using Hyena or through a script to modify multiple NT accounts and append some text to their full name? Using something like %fullname% followed by the text? I also want to disable the accounts and I can see how you do that for multiple users using Hyena.

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    Re: Modify multiple NT accounts

    The first request is not possible, but you can disable multiple users. Select your users in Hyena's right-hand window, then right-click and choose Properties. Check the box for Account Disabled and click OK.


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      Re: Modify multiple NT accounts

      Sorry, I should have made it clear that I CAN see how to disable the accounts with Hyena. It was the first bit I wanted help with. Is there no way of doing this using any tool out there? I can't believe it's impossible! I have a list of the full names so it doesn't have to use %fullname%. I just need a way to update the full name field in NT using a script. Anyone?


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        Re: Modify multiple NT accounts

        Actually, if you are willing to create your own input file with the changes, you can use our User Commander utility for this: