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WOL Error - DNS issue ?

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  • WOL Error - DNS issue ?

    WOL used to work for me.

    Now I get the following error:
    " Unable to find host '' in WOL Configuration file. "

    Recently I checked the USE DNS COMPUTER PATHS setting on the AD tab in settings.
    I have tried unchecking this, but it keeps re-checking itself.
    I'm unsure if this is related, but seems like it might be.

    From my workstation I can ping workststations by both workstation name or

    Do I need to add the full domain path to the WOL file ?


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    Re: WOL Error - DNS issue ?

    It sounds more like it isn't finding the computer in the wol.dat file. Since the error has it as:, make sure it is in the wol.dat file that way, and not as simply PCName.

    The setting should not come back after you've unchecked it unless you are using a Shared Settings file. You can verify this on the General tab under Tools->Settings.


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      Re: WOL Error - DNS issue ?

      I cleared the "path to object manager and other shared configuration file"
      "Shared Settings (.ini) file name" fields, and now I no longer get the error msg.

      Status bar indicates packet sent.


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        Re: WOL Error - DNS issue ?

        Verify that the use DNS paths checkbox is no longer checked. This will mean that it is now looking in the file for PCName instead of the full path like before.