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lost connection to some computers

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  • lost connection to some computers

    Some computers on my subnet that I was previously able to administer through Hyena, now cannot be reached. Hyena returns error, "Unable...The network path was not found". Coincidently, I find that if Ping these computers (from a command window) by machine name, the requests time out, and an incorrect (expired) IP address is shown. However, an NBTSTAT -A <IP Address> resolves the correct machine name okay. (Still can't Ping that machine name, though)

    Any suggestions on what may be wrong?

    Also, is there any way to escape from the hideous 'hour-glass', in a situation like this, or if I accidentaly try to connect to a computer that is not running?


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    Re: lost connection to some computers

    Sounds like you might have a WINS or DNS issue. The functions in Hyena won't be able to find the computers until you resolve this.

    The best solution for the hourglass issue is to enable the Ping function under Tools->Settings->View. This will do a quick ping of the computer and if it fails it can be configured to not run the request. Once you run a request Hyena has to wait for Windows to return control back to it.