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Source domain Controller problem.

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  • Source domain Controller problem.

    With 10 domain controllers and users at each of these locations.

    If I set domain 8 as source then search for a user then edit login script name and save it, It does not make the change on DC8.

    The pop up screen for the user does indicate that I am ammending the properties of that object on that DC though

    It seems it is making the change on the wrong DC.

    It only appears once replication has taken place.

    Any Idea ?

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    Re: Source domain Controller problem.

    I select Domain Controllers then select no8

    Then perform a find on the ContainerOU and ammend a user. It makes this change on the DC1.

    So I drill down to the users container ( under domain controllers ) and perform a search there. It then picks up the correct account ( from dc8) and allows me to make a change.

    Any searching from top level no matter what DC I have set as source or what DC I am making the change on within hyena ( DC section)

    Sometimes I get results from multiple directory areas and sometimes fom specific DC's

    I am not sure why.


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      Re: Source domain Controller problem.

      Setting a Source Domain Controller, or navigating through to a specific domain controller doesn't affect the Find dialog. That is a Windows function, and doesn't return a server name when it returns a user back to Hyena.

      You can verify this by going to a domain controller and navigating through to an OU (don't use the Find) and viewing the Object tab for a user. You should see that server in the LDAP path.

      If you then use the Find function to find a user, then view it's Object tab you will see the LDAP path has only the domain.