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  • Remote access permission tab

    First is there a way to get a listing of the
    remote access permission on all users in the domain.

    Secondly can this be changed for all users in the domain through some sort of script, etc?

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    Re: Remote access permission tab

    If you mean the settings on the DialUp tab on a user's properties, the answer is 'probably'. If this is an AD domain, first take a sample account that has the settings that you are interested in, right click on it, select Listing Views->...(All) and note the names of the Radius* attributes that you are interested in. Then, right click on the All Users object, select Tabular Views->Users (RAS). If you don't find the setting in the display, click the first toolbar button, click Queries and add the attributes to the query.

    If you multi-select the users in Hyena's right window, then you can modify the standard dialin settings for multiple users.

    Let me know if this addresses this question.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.