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permission problem with EXPLORE button

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  • permission problem with EXPLORE button

    I use the EXPLORE button to explore the Home Directory(on the PROFILE tab of the user account properties). Now that we are using MS "best practices" and logging onto our workstation with a non-privledged account and then doing a RUN AS to launch Hyena v6.2 with an ADMIN account I get a permissions error (Access is denied) when hitting the EXPLORE button. As I can view the home directory of my non-privledged acount this seems to tell me that for the EXPLORE function Hyena is passing the credentials of my non-privledged account. Is there a way around this?

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    Re: permission problem with EXPLORE button

    Hyena doesn't actually pass credentials at all when you do the Run As. This is Windows doing that, and it sets up a session for the app to run under that uses those credentials. Since that function spawns Explorer, Windows is probably not passing the security to the newly spawned session.

    Unfortunately Hyena can't do anything about that, but one thing you might experiment with would be to right-click on the computer that you have your home directories on and choose the Logon As function. Enter in your admin account information and see if you are able to use the Explore function after that.