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Distribution lists not showing under groups tab

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  • Distribution lists not showing under groups tab

    Once again I have stumbled upon a problem. Here is the run down. Windows XP with sp2, Hyena v6.2. I do have MS Exchange tools loaded. When I go to the properties of a user. I click the groups tab, it is only showing security groups. It is not showing any distribution groups but yet I know they belong to some. Like myself for instance, I checked several users and no DL's are showing. This issue just arose about a week ago and I haven't heard of any changes in that week. (that I am aware of, will have to dig a bit)
    My question is where do I begin to dig or look to see why this might have happened?

    One last thing, another admin located in another state is running 5.7 and he can see them fine. I am going to find out his object manager adsi settings are and try them.

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    Re: Distribution lists not showing under groups tab

    Send screen shots showing this to [email protected].


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      Re: Distribution lists not showing under groups tab

      It seems that the DL's are now appearing again. Just some history here for the people reading this. I have Hyena v5.0 on another server and it wasn't showing the DL's either. Chuck had me pull up the <span style="font-weight: bold">Members tab</span>from dsa.msc and we only saw security groups. The reason for this is that I am in a child domain that is in mixed mode. Distribution list can only exist in a native domain "2000 or better". There for my parent domain is native and that is where the DL's exist. So managing users in the child with the normal mmc or dsa.msc doesn't work like Hyena. The mmc console can't work with both domains at the same time. Yet, Hyena can. Another great reason we live by Hyena.
      So this is not a Hyena issue, it has something to do with our active directory and exchange 2003 server. I tried the other admins adsi settings and it made no difference.

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