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Modify Group - Exchange Tasks Error

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  • Modify Group - Exchange Tasks Error

    I want to remove a mailbox from a mail enabled global group.

    Hyena 6.0 Rev D, win2k AD (native), Exchange 2k (native)

    Right Click on a group, Select Shell Functions, Exchange Tasks
    I receive an error:
    spContextMenu->InvokeCommand failed; Error = -2147418113

    Performing the same task from Active Directory Users and Computers MMC - no problem.
    I had a similar issue when I was accessing a user from an OU I created in object view rather than drilling down to the item from the domain object. I am drilling down from the domain object this time.

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    Re: Modify Group - Exchange Tasks Error

    Unfortunately Hyena doesn't have any control over this option as the menu and the options on it are dynamically generated by Windows. One thing you might check is that your ADSI Path for your domain in Object Manager is set to a FQDN rather than a Netbios-style name for your domain.


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      Re: Modify Group - Exchange Tasks Error

      ADSI is FQDN. Oh well.