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Add logged-on user to Power Users

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  • Add logged-on user to Power Users

    Is there any way to add the logged-on user to the Power user group and do this on multiple machines, maybe something like a %username% that can be used as the username.

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    Re: Add logged-on user to Power Users

    There wouldn't be anyway to do this through Hyena, but it would seem you should be able to create a logon script of some sort to do it, possibly using something like Kix32.


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      Re: Add logged-on user to Power Users

      Going out on a limb here. If your having issues where your users don't have the suffient right's needed. Then run the compatws.inf security template. It adjust the security so that users basicaly have power users right's. It will also remove all power users from the power users group when you run this.

      If this is only for specified users then you will need to look at your login scripts. Remember that login scripts uses the users right's. So your users don't have right's to add accounts to other groups on that local machine. You can look into <span style="font-weight: bold">"run as professional"</span> for getting around this.

      Good luck