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Hyena vrs Win 2k3 administration

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  • Hyena vrs Win 2k3 administration

    I have been looking at Hyena for the last few weeks. Installed and started using version 6.0, configured Remote Control with TightVNC and looking to configure the Exchange 5.5 bits.
    In short I am thus far very impressed with the amount of control I can get from this tool in one window/program.

    My current environment is Win NT Domain, some W2K servers and a mix of NT WorkStation (the majority), W2K and WinXP clients. This is all in the process of being streamlined to W2k3 Domain with AD and XP clients and may include a Terminal Server environment.

    Does W2k3 Admin tools have the same sort of depth and control Hyena allows in one place??
    My main problem/gripe is having to open 3 or 4 windows to see where users are in relation to other devices, services and remote control.

    Can Hyena integrate with Symantec's Corporate/Enterprise AV solutions?? If not are there plans for something like this??


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    Re: Hyena vrs Win 2k3 administration

    I don't believe it would integrate with those products. On the W2K3 question, we haven't done any comparisons to see what Microsoft has added.


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      Re: Hyena vrs Win 2k3 administration

      There are not any significant differences between Microsoft's 2003 tools and Microsoft's Windows 2000 tools. They are still just separate MMC snapins to manage everything.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.


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        Re: Hyena vrs Win 2k3 administration

        Take it from me, Hyena p1sses on the MS tools. I dont work for Systools. :P