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  • Adding top level OUs....

    Using hyena we've just noticed you cant add any top level OUs in a W2K domain.

    Select the domain in the left pane, right click, New OU, then you are prompted for a location, selecting the domain doesnt allow you to click OK.

    Users and Computers simply asks you for the name of the OU because it knows it wants top level as you right clicked that object (containers/OUs).

    Did I make sense? Believe this bug/feature is in v5 and 6. Cheers!

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    Re: Adding top level OUs....

    Hyena allows OUs to be created in the root, but I think this may be a limitation in your configuration, which can be fixed (sort of).

    I assume that you are using the OU container browser, as when you right click to create a new OU, the path is blank. You can try manually typing in the path and it might work, but I suspect the 'problem' is that your domain path in Object Manager (File->Manage Object View) is a Netbios path. Hyena can't figure out what the LDAP path is from the Netbios path, so this is why its happening.

    See if you can change the path for your domain to the LDAP:// in Object Manager and this problem will go away, but let me know what you find.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Adding top level OUs....

      You are correct!

      Thanks, I've changed all my domain settings now, all sorted.