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Copypwd - CreateRemoteThread failed: 8

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  • Copypwd - CreateRemoteThread failed: 8


    I'm trying to make a DUMP on a Windows 2000 machine with the command:

    copypwd DUMP > userpwd.txt

    It fails with the output:
    CreateRemoteThread failed: 8

    The userpwd.txt is created, but is empty.
    I'm logged-on as a local administrator on the machine.
    Do I need special rights to do the command?

    Please help!

    Best regards
    Jens Linde

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    [This message has been edited by JensLinde (edited 07-21-2004).]

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    Re: Copypwd - CreateRemoteThread failed: 8

    This error is caused when you try to use it remotely, such as through a Terminal Server session. Try running it locally on the computer rather than through a remote session and you shouldn't see this error.


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      Re: Copypwd - CreateRemoteThread failed: 8

      You'r right - It is working if I run it from the console.

      Thank you!


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        Re: Copypwd - CreateRemoteThread failed: 8

        I need to be able to use this utility for a SET operation.. the only option I have available is by USING Terminal Services.... (the server is @ a remote location in a datacenter).. is there SOME WAY to get around this error since I can't be @ the console to run it??

        Any trick at all possible?


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          Re: Copypwd - CreateRemoteThread failed: 8

          No, not that I know of since the operation requires local access. You could, in theory, setup a remote operation to run it locally, like using psexec:

          Kevin Stanush
          SystemTools Software Inc.


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            Re: Copypwd - CreateRemoteThread failed: 8


            I had exactly the same error message when using pwdump2 within a terminal services session logged on to a Windows 2000 domain controller with A/D. (worked fine from the console).

            Here is a solution:

            1. Create a directory (I used d:\wutemp) and copy pwdump2.exe to it. NOTE: you may require samdump.dll depending on your system. See REF. link below.

            2. In d:\wutemp create a batch file called run.bat with these commands in it:

            cd \
            cd wutemp
            pwdump2 >pw2.sam

            3. Save run.bat

            4. From a command prompt:

            at hh:mm "d:\wutemp\run.bat"

            where hh:mm is the time one minute in the future.

            5. After one minute, the batch file will run and create pw2.sam with the password hashes in it. TIP: You can check the status of the scheduled job by typing in "at" from the command prompt.

            6. That's it!

            REF: I got pwdump2.exe from here: