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Rename several user accounts

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  • Rename several user accounts

    I have been given the task of renaming several thousand user accounts to conform to a standard naming convention of FirstInital_Lastname from the old standard of LastNameFirstInitial. I also have to change the default user default home directory and sharename to confirm to the new standard.

    To change the several usernames, the SytemTools RenameUser utility seems to fit the bill. I have used Hyena to select a user, rename the user and the default user directory and share name get changed properly.

    I would like to know if there is a way to automate the process, using a text file with the old username and the new username to accomplish the task.

    Thanks, Dan.

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    Re: Rename several user accounts

    There's no way to automate these functions, but I think you can get to your desired result in 2 steps:

    1. Perform the rename for all of your users using the renameuser utility. Create a batch file for this and run it.

    2. After the accounts have been renamed, setup a Home Directory Template in Hyena with the share and home directory creation set to use the new naming convention. You can then select your users in Hyena's right window, right-click and choose User Properties. Go to the Profile tab. The home directory path should appear in the old format of LastNameFirstInitial. Change it to match the new naming convention of FirstInital_Lastname, matching what you set in the home directory template and click OK.

    Hyena will detect that a change was made to the home directory, and will apply the template to all selected users. This will create the directory, share it, and set any permissions you've configured in the template.