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  • Password not required

    We have a handful of user ID's transfered in to ourmail domain with some utility. Of this handful, 12 have the attribute "Password not required" showing in the right pane in Hyena. I can't find that attribute to correct it and it seems to be false in that I tried logging in with a blank PW for each and failed.

    Any ideas how to clean up this apparently cosmetic flaw?


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    Re: Password not required

    Unfortunately we aren't sure what mechanism sets this flag. The fact that you are able to login would suggest that the policies override this, and would mean that it is just cosmetic as you suggested.


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      Re: Password not required

      I've found one issue with this flag. When it is set on a user, despite the password policy, you are able to reset the user's password to a blank password through the AD users and Computer console or when using the Account Functions -> Reset password option in Hyena. This violates the password policy.

      Users without this set, cannot be reset to a blank password as it violates the password policy. It warns you and does not allow you to take the blank password.

      Microsoft has no idea what this flag is or how to set it.

      A question is, what is this attribute and how do you query for it? MS doesn't recognize this.

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