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  • Modifying Profile Path

    I need to modify the Profile path and Home share on several hundred accounts. In detail I need to change the Profile path from \\server1\username\profile to \\server2\username\profile and the same for the location of their home directory. The files and shares have already been migrated to the new server but the accounts are pointing to an the old server location. How do I accomplish this. Thanks

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    Re: Modifying Profile Path

    Since you are just changing the user records, you can select the users in Hyena's right window, then right-click and choose User Properties.

    Go to the Profile tab and change both from server1 to server2, and click OK. Hyena will make the change for the selected users.

    Select 2 or 3 users the first time to make sure everything works the way you want, then you can change the rest of your accounts.