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  • CopyPwd

    I have a question regarding using CopyPwd. I would like to import users in Windows Active Directory on a regular basis and give them a default password of my choosing. Not blank. I can create the accounts using csvde or ldifde but all I can create is accounts with blank passwords. For example if I had a list of users similar to the one below.
    smithc: [email protected]
    doej: secre7

    Could I use CopyPwd to import/modify these accounts? And if so how?

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    Re: CopyPwd

    Copypwd sets the password based on an input file. It can't create the accounts for you, but it can be used to set the password. The only problem you'll have is the password must be in the hash format created by the DUMP function of copypwd.

    You could create a few accounts and set the password the way you want to use, then dump those and use the hash on those accounts so you know what the password is.

    If you use a lot of different passwords this probably wouldn't be the best solution, though.