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  • Adding users to groups

    I am sure I am not alone is hating the way that Win2K3 changes how you add members to a group. I much prefer having a list of uers not in the group to the right, and the members that are in the group to the left, and being able to click and add them one at a time.

    Is there any way to have that functinality in Hyena, instead of the awful Windows2K3 type/search screen interface?

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    Re: Adding users to groups

    Unfortunately, there are too many variables and inefficiencies to manage Windows 2000 users and groups that way, so we try to emulate Microsoft's way of doing this, although I know that this leaves a lot to be desired. If you add a domain controller as a static computer entry (File->Manage Object View), Hyena will treat the DC as a member server and revert back to the NT-style group dialogs.

    Another alternative is to manage user or group memberships through the right click Add Members to Group option or Account Functions->Add to Group option as this will let you bypass the user/group properties dialog.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.