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Where is SeImpersonatePrivilege?

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  • Where is SeImpersonatePrivilege?

    I can't find the SeImpersonatePrivilege listed under User Rights. This was added in Windows 2000 SP4 (KB 821546.)

    Am I on dope or something?

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    Re: Where is SeImpersonatePrivilege?

    Unfortunately, rights are not dynamic, so we have to have an internal table of them, and did not know about this addition.

    We will probably release a patch next week of various miscellaneous fixes in v5.5, but let me know if you need a patch now.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Where is SeImpersonatePrivilege?

      Thanks for the speedy reply.

      As far as tools go, I've seen only the SP4 snap-ins (GPEdit.msc, etc.) or secedit.exe + INF may query for or assign those two new rights. I think some of the MS Reskit tools are still lacking this on Win2k.

      Seems no one notices until a user lacking the right leads to something breaking.

      Will look for the addition in the regular update cycle. Keep up the good work with Hyena!