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  • Editing Multiple users

    I am not sure what settings I changed but it seems that I can no longer change settings on multiple users, such as "user must change passwords at next logon". When I select multiple users then right click and select properties it only gives me the properties for the first user in the view pane. I have made changes to this users and it does not change all the other users.
    Please Advise

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    Re: Editing Multiple users

    The only thing I can think of is to make sure when you right-click that your mouse is over one of the selected users. For example, if you select 30 users, then right-click over a user that is not part of your selection, you'll get user properties for that user instead of the selected users.


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      Re: Editing Multiple users

      cmcullough: I Installed the 5.5 Beta over the other copy and that has solved my problem. As far as your answer goes I am not new to Hyena and I know how to edit multiple users, The dialog box that came up was for the first user in my selection list instead of the multiple user dialog box. After renaming Hyena.exe and installing the beta version it works fine. I didn't know if I could have possibly changed some setting in the program that would have resulted in this. Thank you for your prompt answer, Great Utility!!