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Unable to open network resource

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  • Unable to open network resource


    I downloaded the 30 day eval and I love this product. My department will probably purchase a couple of copies because everything hyena offers. I've however noticed a problem that comes up time to time. First of all I manage about 4 seperate workgroups with 150 computers in each workgroup. We can't have a Domain Server because of various issues. The problem that keeps reoccuring is that when I select one of the workgroups I get the folowing error "Unable to open network resource. Network path not found". This was working fine yesterday moring but since then we have been getting this error. I can't see any of the computers in the workgroup. Any idea's? Thanks.

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    Re: Unable to open network resource

    Send a screen shot of that error, and the exact steps you take to reproduce the error to [email protected].