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Changing Local Admin Password

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  • Changing Local Admin Password

    We need to change all local admin passwords in our NT4 domain. I know that you can show computers in the right pane and click through it, including generating a log file.

    If it's not successful, do I have to go through the log file by hand and reselect computers, or is there a way to use the log file as input? Is there a retry feature, or will Hyena retry if its not successful on selected machines?

    Does Hyena have scripting capabilities? If so, where would I find information on it?

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    Re: Changing Local Admin Password

    You would have to manually run them again. One thought is that you can select smaller groups of computers for your second pass. For example, if you select a group of 100 or so, it won't hurt the computers in that group that had been previously done, and you will hopefully pick up more of the ones that were offline previously.

    After you do this for a second pass, you can then go through the log file to get the remaining computers.