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Changing multiple user passwords at once.

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  • Changing multiple user passwords at once.

    Every three months I change the passwords on multiple users. (approximately 90) Is there a way to get Hyena to change the passwords by reading them from a text file? In other words, create a new password file, choose the users to have the password changed, hit "Go" and be done with it. This is on a Windows NT 4.0 Domain.

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    Re: Changing multiple user passwords at once.

    Hyena won't read from a file, but if the password is the same for the 90 accounts you can simply select the accounts in the right window and right-click, choose User Properties, then type in the new password. This will set it for all selected users.

    If they are different, you can either take a look at our User Commander product which can read from a text file, or possibly experiment with the CopyPwd utility on our Free Utilities page.